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Technology Consultation

Our Technology experts provide a courteous and professional consultation. Providing analysis of your current environment and giving you a roadmap of technologies and processes that will streamline your current environment as well providing savings.

Consultations are provided at no extra cost and can help you reach your business goals. We provide and work with industry leading technologies and technology partners to provide the necessary solutions for your business.

Whether your looking to revamp your entire work flow or just looking to improve a few process we will guide you into the right direction that will save you time and money.


Outlay Creations, LLC takes tremendous pride in our latest process automation solutions which have greatly revolutionized business across the world. With our custom-built software solutions for businesses, we make sure that your business finds it tailor-made to meet all intricate business requirements.

Hence, we can solve any problems in your software, and improve your basic functionalities. Find out if a custom software solution is right for you by talking to our experts anytime.

Cloud Computing & Integrations

In recent times, businesses are utilizing cloud-based computing more than ever with the ease of resources such as Microsoft 365 for email and collaboration, and AWS for computing power. While cloud-based technologies continue to evolve, knowing where to start can be confusing. Thus, our experts will listen to your needs and provide options that would work best with your business.

Along with cloud-based technologies, integration of businesses is also an important aspect that enables you to tie your technologies all together in order to communicate in a proper manner. We work with many providers that will allow you to sync up your action items across all of your systems with ease.


As Prototyping has a major role in developing quality mobile applications and tools, we understand that it is vital in the development and growth of your business. It enables UI and UX designers to properly sketch the design of your software in order to eradicate the chances of errors in the final product.

The Prototypes by Outlay Creation LLC are designed by some of the best experts in the market which will help you in figuring out the need of customers and enhancing the overall user experience.

Internet of Things

With a rapid advance in information technology, our world is now completely connected via the internet, from our phones to our refrigerators. This has greatly impacted the businesses taking place all around the world. Businesses are now able to connect all their gadgets, devices, other electronic resources onto one network to provide accurate data from day to day task.

This innovative technology used for networking and integration is known as Internet of Things (IoT), and our services in this domain help businesses to identify work flow improvements as well as predict events and be prepared for different scenarios.